jacob dattilo

Jacob Dattilo

Jacob received his J.D. in 2022 from The Moritz College of Law at the Ohio State University graduating as a Public Service Fellow with the Dean’s Highest Honors. Prior to attending law school Jacob earned his Bachelors of Arts from the University of Georgia where he studied Political Science and Public Administration.

Prior to joining the firm, Jacob worked with South Eastern Ohio Legal Services helping rural Ohioans stuck in deplorable housing conditions. He also clerked for the Franklin County Public Defender’s Office where he worked to protect the rights of indigent clients facing incarceration. Back in Georgia he spent time volunteering on local and statewide elections and helped conduct wellness studies in the housing projects of Athens, Georgia. Throughout this work he developed a passion for helping underserved communities that so often do not have access to quality legal representation.

Outside of the office, Jacob enjoys golfing, fishing, hiking, and pretty much anything outdoors. He is also a movie buff and a huge fan of 80’s pop music.

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