Business Legal Advice

We help your business comply with the law through solid legal advice. We also help resolve conflicts with creditors and banks.

Business Legal Advice

Our firm has grown through a focus on litigation in the area of debt defense. That means we are in a unique position to provide outstanding legal advice and business legal services. We understand the risks associated with running a business.

We also understand the risks associated with making mistakes with contracts, loans, or operations. It is why good legal advice is helpful. We help business owners resolve financial challenges through negotiations and more. When appropriate, we provide legal advice on litigation to meet our clients' objectives as part of our suite of available business legal services.

We help solve problems

We have extensive experience helping people facing significant financial challenges. Many of our business clients need legal advice because they have overwhelming debts or obligations. That makes continuing operations a challenge without change. Some clients need help with one particular matter that is draining resources. Other clients need help liquidating a portfolio. Others still have a challenge with a supplier or landlord that they need resolved.

All of our clients want to avoid bankruptcy, and need sound legal advice to work through their legal challenges. They recognize that doing nothing will cause significant losses.

Legal Advice Lawyers

Perspective & Legal Advice

Our firm has helped over 1,400 people navigate nearly 2,000 legal challenges, mostly involving debt, loans, mortgage, and foreclosure.  We have the perspective to provide you wise legal counsel.

Negotiation Services

Negotiate resolutions to complex disputes and issues your business is facing. Let us provide the legal advice you need to help resolve your contract or loan dispute. We can initiate negotiations with the other side, file a lawsuit, or quickly and professionally to reach your goals. We are effective negotiators because of our strong litigation presence in the space of debtor defense.
When negotiations fail, litigation is a tool to help you resolve the hurdle that is preventing you from moving forward.  Our firm was built on litigating contract and financial matters for clients experiencing distress.  We understand how litigation can be an effective tool to conflict resolution.
Most of the litigation we file on behalf of our clients is in federal court.  We understand complex litigation and can guide you through the course of federal or complex litigation, as well as the associated benefits and challenges with it.

Outside General Counsel Services

We can help answer day-to-day questions, review contracts, draft agreements, and help you avoid the cost of hiring inside counsel. We know that it may be difficult to determine when to hire a dedicated lawyer in-house, and tailor our work to be as cost efficient as possible until that time. 

Objective Based Approach

We take an objective-based approach to providing business legal services. We look at your objectives, the facts on the ground, and the other party to help you evaluate a path forward.  By first understanding everyone's objective and position, we can help craft a strategy that resolves the conflict in the most efficient manner possible.

The small business lawyers at Doucet Co., LPA are proud to offer quality business legal services and trusted legal advice to small businesses throughout Ohio. Whether you are tackling an obstacle or trying to consolidate your business, we can help. Let us tailor our business legal services to your business’s needs. Our friends at find a lawyer can help you navigate through more than 50,000 lawyers with your required field of expertise. Their interface is simple to use and a secure user experience is guaranteed.