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Save money by skipping the commission!*

We draft the necessary disclosures and contract addenda

We negotiate on your behalf

You save big money by skipping the commissions!*

Using a lawyer can offer greater help to a seller because a lawyer is able to give legal advice.  This can prove very helpful in avoiding legal issues later on. 

Contact our law firm today to help you sell your home today.  No real estate agent commissions necessary!  

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There is a growing movement towards people listing their homes online themselves, hosting their own open houses, and finding someone interested in buying their home. When that happens, hiring a lawyer can help finalize the sale. That can save a lot of money over hiring a real estate agent because you are not required to pay 6 to 8% in real estate commissions to sell your home.

Once you have a buyer for your home, the next step is to formalize the purchase with a contract. The buyer can present you a proposed contract, or you can have your own drafted. In any event, it is a good idea to talk to someone knowledgeable about real estate law before you sign anything with a buyer.

Ohio law requires a written contract in order for real estate agreements to be enforceable.  Our lawyers can help you draft and negotiate a sales contract that covers all the normal contingencies.  We can also help you draft the necessary disclosures that sellers are obligated to provide to buyers in accordance with Ohio and federal law. Because our lawyers are licensed to practice law in Ohio, they are fully licensed to help you close your real estate transaction. 

Using a lawyer can save you big dollars on real estate agent commissions.*  The savings means more money in your pocket at the end of the day.  Even if the buyer chooses to hire an agent, the commission paid to that agent can be part of your negotiations.