Real Estate: Attracting Quality Offers

Real Estate: Attracting Quality Offers
by Sebastien Prince –

“The one who has the biggest team wins.” This is what real estate property owners in the Laurentians, St-Jerome or Mont-Tremblant should constantly tell themselves when marketing a house.

The main objective of a real estate industry leader of to efficiently sell the customer’s house which, in most cases, ends up being a team sport.

So, what’s your strategy in marketing your real estate properties?

How do you get these low curb appeal or problem houses sold fast and for top dollars? What have you done today to make a strong impression on your colleagues and, most importantly, on present and future real estate clients?

Times have changed and neither the old features and benefits nor the Abraham Lincoln’s close will grant you the agent of the year’s trophy.


Marketing real estate in the information age.

Wouldn’t it be more effective, this being the information age, to communicate the true value a real estate property holds? To get your customers to really feel the house’s or condo’s ambiance instead of simply hoping they will be inspired by brick and mortar?
Customers have made their demands loud and clear: minimum service just won’t do anymore! They want all the bells and whistles that technology now has to offer.
Are-you surprised?

With the abundance of agents in the market, I’m sure you already knew you have to differentiate yourself from other real estate agents and do more than buy a few classified ads in the local news paper or post pictures on the mls.

So, here are a few questions worth asking yourself:

* How are you communicating your service’s worth to your potential customers?
* Are you the most valuable business proposition for a home owner in your marketplace today?
* Do you use all of your marketing budget to get people to drive by your properties or do you keep a portion to get them excited while they are the most available to your sales techniques and efforts: while they are in front of the real estate property itself?


Automating real estate sales:

If you are interested in closing more sales faster, for top dollars while increasing drastically your requests for listings. All of this in an automated fashion which doesn’t require more time nor effort on your part, contact me today and let me share with you what I consider to be the most advanced sales system on the market. A system designed by realtors specifically for the real estate market.

Are-you consistently increasing your market share? Are you affected in a negative way by the changing marketplace? There is only one solution, adapt to the market and be the leader you can be! Write to Web-Success-Marketing today so you can see for yourself how our tools could help you reach your objectives!


Published: April the 14th, 2008

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