Free House

Our client honored the terms of a prior deal, but the mortgage company reneged, causing significant anxiety for our client.  

Our clients entered into a loan modification agreement five years prior.  They made each and every payment under the agreement.  One month when they went to pay, the mortgage company refused to accept payments from them.  Then the mortgage company threatened foreclosure.


To get the mortgage company to honor the terms of their prior deal and obtain damages.


We decided that a federal lawsuit against the mortgage company was warranted.  We sued for it to honor the terms of the agreement but also to recover damages.  We added claims under consumer protection statutes that allow for the recovery of attorneys' fees too.


In the end, the mortgage company paid damages that paid off our client's house because she owed less than $50,000.  The mortgage company also paid attorneys fees.  The total value was over $100,000 in damages and fees that the mortgage company absorbed.  

Free House

Attorneys Fees Paid

Over $100,000 in Damages

This particular situation is highly unusual and you should not expect to be awarded a free house for your case in just about any circumstance.  This is representative only of the hard work we put into each case and not the typical result!  Prospective clients may or may not obtain the same or similar results.