Perks That Get Buyers To Make Offers

In the real estate business, you need to take steps to make your home stand out from those around you. Here are some thoughts on perks that get buyers interested.

Perks That Get Buyers To Make Offers

From the perspective of the average buyer, hunting for that perfect home is both exciting and excruciating. Even with the advent of real estate sites on the Internet, buyers spend an inordinate amount of time looking at homes that simply do not fit their vision. Once they find a good area, they face the task of deciding between homes. In our modern society, developments tend to have one, two or maybe three styles of homes. These styles are repeated over and over with the only real difference possibly being landscaping.

In such a situation, you need some advantage over comparable homes in the area. There is a reason they are called “comps”, and it can be difficult for buyers to make a decision. Given similar homes and prices, they may decide on the interior décor even though it will go with the seller! To make you home stand out just a bit, which could be critical, consider offering the following perks when possible.

Overall, you want to offer flexibility. If you are up front with it, buyers tend to view you in a better light. Offer to go with a fast or slow closing depending on their particular needs. If they have not lined up financing, offer to put them in touch with your mortgage representative. Heck, offer to let them store stuff in the garage while closing occurs since they are probably stressed about moving at the same time as wrapping up the purchase.

An area where you can really stand out from the crowd is an allowance. A buyer is committing to a large amount of debt to purchase your home. Inevitably, they will nitpick over various aspects they are not crazy about. Instead of fighting with them, offer them a cash allowance at the end of closing that can be used to fix whatever is bugging them. Obviously, you need to be careful about how much you offer them, but it can be the difference between getting an offer or not.

When selling your home, try to be flexible wherever you can. If you offer a few perks, your property will stand out from the others around you.

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