Outdoor Rooms Add Great Value

Outdoor rooms are all the fashion in areas where the climate can support the use of them. Florida is a great example of such an area. With an unrivaled climate and number of sunny days per year the outdoors is a perfect spot to add a functional room that will add thousands in value to your home. Plus it can take advantage of available space while creating a beautiful and useful room that is not hindered by walls and conventional restrictions.

There are some guidelines that you should follow while planning an outdoor room. You should set out the amount of space needed beforehand and make sure that you make contingency plans for any needs that may crop up along the way. The usual choice for an outdoor room is an additional kitchen/dining area. As kitchens are the most social room in a home, it makes good sense that this should be the outdoor gathering spot. Be sure to allow enough space for all the necessary amenities like a grill, sink, counter, and seating. Another thing that must be considered is the effects of the weather and nature. If the area is under direct sunlight all day long then a gazebo or pagoda will be necessary for the area to be comfortable. Also, netting might be a good idea if the area has a tendency to be frequented by insects.

There are many ways that you can personalize this kind of space. The decoration of such an area will be quite different from traditional decorating due to the lack of walls and other normal “art spots.” However, the effect can easily be achieved by the use of plants, creative seating and knick-knacks and decorations on the flat surfaces. Also take into account the effects of lighting for the evenings and try to create a special aura for the area. As an area where much of the year is spent outdoors, Florida homes are the idea spot for these rooms. The addition of one will surely see a great ROI when them home sells.

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