Ohio lemon law applies to new cars only

Ohio’s Lemon Law

If your brand new vehicle has a major problem that is not getting fixed it may be considered a lemon. In Ohio, vehicles that are under a year old or new vehicles with an odometer that reads less than 18,000 miles are considered a lemon if they have an unrepairable issue. Those new vehicles are protected by the Ohio Lemon Laws. If you need more help deciding if your new vehicle is considered a lemon, please click here to read our article What counts as a Lemon car in Ohio? Before deciding an issue is unrepairable and that you need legal help from a consumer lawyer here at Doucet getting a refund or replacement, you must give the manufacturer or dealership a reasonable chance to fix the issue. There are requirements under the Ohio Lemon Laws to determine if you have given the manufacturer a reasonable chance to fix your new vehicle:

  • Your new vehicle spent 30 consecutive days in a repair shop during the first year or before the odometer hit 18,000 miles.
  • The manufacturer tried to fix the same problem at least three times while your new vehicle was protected by the Ohio Lemon Laws.
  • The manufacturer had to try to repair multiple problems on your new vehicle at least eight different times.
  • You have to give the manufacturer at least one try to repair a problem that can cause serious injury or death.

Filing a complaint

If you feel you have given the manufacturer or dealership a reasonable chance to repair your new vehicle based on the requirements listed above, then you may be entitled to a full refund or a new replacement vehicle.

Resolving the issue

After the manufacturer receives a letter from your attorney, they will either accept your complaint and grant you a refund or new vehicle, or they will deny your claim. If they deny your claim, you will need to arbitrate before you file a lawsuit. Arbitration is when a neutral third party listens to your story and the manufacturers story, and then help resolve the issue. If you don’t agree with how the issue is resolved, then you can seek out a consumer lawyer here at Doucet Gerling for legal assistance in filing a lawsuit.

Finding a lawyer to help

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