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We have helped over 1,400 people with civil law issues pertaining to debts, mortgages, and foreclosure.

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The civil and foreclosure defense lawyers at Doucet Gerling Co., LPA represent people every day. Many of our clients are in foreclosure or are at risk of foreclosure. We do NOT file bankruptcy. Instead, our civil lawyers help people in court (as needed) and work to find legal solutions that meets your objectives. Our civil lawyers are located in Ohio, and help people around Ohio.  We are nationally recognized for our work as civil foreclosure defense attorneys.  Free consultations!  

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Attorney Troy Doucet “wrote the book” on foreclosure defense and is a civil lawyer who knows foreclosure law. He published 23 Legal Defenses to Foreclosure: How to Beat the Bank in 2008 and he has been helping families facing foreclosure since starting Doucet Gerling Co., LPA in 2010. Troy Doucet and Andrew Gerling both graduated at the top of their law school classes and are highly rated civil lawyers focusing on foreclosure defense in Ohio. Our Ohio civil and foreclosure defense lawyers are dedicated to helping families. We are known for our excellent legal work and outstanding results, each as an Ohio civil lawyer.

Our Ohio civil lawyer firm has experience with loan mods, write-offs, write-downs, walk-aways, and more.  Don't delay!  Schedule a call now with an Ohio civil lawyer!

Our civil lawyers help people defend foreclosure.  Learn More here.

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Here is a detailed foreclosure timeline that shows the importance of retaining a civil lawyer to help with your foreclosure.

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Our civil lawyers have forced mortgage companies to offer loan modifications, wipe out deficiencies, respond to inquiries, refund fees, pay damages, write off balances, pay our fees, and more.

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We have helped over a thousand families with outstanding results with their civil law and foreclosure issue. 

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Our clients work directly with a licensed Ohio civil lawyer on their foreclosure case to ensure it is handled appropriately. 

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