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As a leader in the Commercial Equipment Leasing Industry for over 18 years, ILS has packaged our extensive knowledge, funding capacity, and marketing savvy into this lucrative opportunity and is dedicated to your success.

Our licensee program allows you to start a branch from your home or add leasing to your suite of services with no additional capital expense.

The ILS training seminar is designed to be a fast-track method to either beginning an exciting and lucrative business or adding a lucrative product line to your existing business.

We offer comprehensive education in every aspect of running a successful leasing business. With our branch office (licensee) program, we put 18 years of experience in the leasing business to work for you. is started and powered by FranklinLab Media and Technology Group, a division of AE Holdings Corporation.

AE Holdings Corporation is a private equity and venture capital organization with headquarter in Chicago, Illinois. We are located 15 minutes north of Downtown Chicago. Beta 1.0 strives to become the premier online marketplace for small and medium businesses and enterprises.

Business owners and sellers will be able to post their businesses on the marketplace with affordable and reasonable fees. We strive to provide the best services and online selling and buying experiences for our users and business brokers. is started and powered by FranklinLab Media and Technology

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