Mortgage Officer Training vs Short Sale Training

Many financial and mortgage training institutes offer these mortgage officer training courses which are available in a new pattern. The old pattern followed was considered inefficient by the experts and thus, theses days new and revised pattern of teaching is followed which includes imparting practical knowledge instead of theoretical knowledge. This is managed by showing the students video clips which helps them make their ideas clear about all the things and get to know the actions that they should take at precise conditions. Such video clips give a student the first hand experience of handling various situations. Thus, the revised pattern of these mortgage officer training courses is extremely efficient and to the point.

The mortgage officer training course involves subjects like loan origination, mortgage products, underwritings and appraisals and many such important subjects from the point of view of the mortgage industry. The course also allows the trainees to pick up values like time management, getting and retaining customers, solving problems efficiently and avoiding mistakes. These values are extremely important from the point of view of a mortgage industry career.

Mortgage officer training courses are available live as well as online. The online courses can be used by people who work but wish to learn as well. The online course provides the user some specific time limit to complete a specific part of hi or her work thus teaching them to manage their time. The user may access the website any time he wishes to as they are kept accessible round the clock to their users. The online mortgage officer training program has been developed to match an average learner’s pace. This allows the people who have joined the mortgage officer training course at the speed a comfortable pace, and at the time they want. The online course too contains video clips to provide more practical expertise to the user along with mere theoretical knowledge.

The mortgage officer training course can also be taken by trained mortgage officers in order to brush up their existing knowledge and get some new knowledge. This may help the person in making his or her work more efficient and gain more income. The mortgage officer training course offers a 12 month valid license after the completion of the course. In these 12 months, the trainees may revise the mortgage officer training course by repeating the course.

Short Sale Training

In today’s real estate market, the once lucrative opportunity of being a loan officer or mortgage broker originating loans and refinancing homeowners is no longer so lucrative. The sub prime mortgage meltdown and the mortgage credit crunch has really put a damper on that traditional business model.

What all of the mortgage news sources don’t tell you is that the short sale mortgage business is doing fantastic right now. There are more defaulted mortgages in the marketplace right now than we have ever seen before. The transition from a residential mortgage broker business to a short sale mortgage business is very easy. The mortgage brokers and loan officers that use my short sale mortgage system are making ten times more now per file than they used to make by only originating loans. The opportunity to make big money in real estate short sales is now.

A mortgage loan officer has to know everything about short sales, defaulted mortgages and foreclosure investing. The short sale mortgage business is the best mortgage business opportunity right now in the mortgage market. The traditional mortgage business is not nearly as lucrative as it used to be. The big money in the mortgage business is being made with defaulted mortgages.

You can get started in the Short Sale Business Today with no cash, no credit and no previous experience. Also, there are no licenses needed like there is with a traditional mortgage business. This allows you to get started immediately because you don’t have to prepare for a test or anything like that. You can start making money now and continue learning along the way.

Traditional mortgage loan officer training classes do not cover short sales, defaulted mortgages or foreclosure investing. For years the traditional mortgage broker training or mortgage lending training classes didn’t need to cover foreclosures or preforeclosures. Now that the sub prime mortgage meltdown has created this huge opportunity for us, I have prepared a free online short sale course to show you how to make a fortune with foreclosures and short sales in today’s market.

Once you implement my strategies that you can’t get from any other mortgage loan officer training program, you will be the envy of all of your loan officer friends. What do you think they’re going to say why you’re bringing home $40,000 to $200,000 paydays on your deals and they’re still faring around with the same old lifestyle because they haven’t taken the time to get short sale mortgage training. Those who fail to adapt to our new and improved real estate market will fail to get the results you will see once you start using real estate short sales in your mortgage business.

If you are just now starting mortgage business, you should skip the traditional mortgage business, and start a real estate foreclosures investing business instead. The market is ripe with foreclosures and you should take advantage of the situation while it lasts. My Free Online Mortgage broker training course shows you how to start a mortgage business with a short sale business model. If you already have a mortgage business, you will discover how to leverage your current business relationships by adding short sales as a service you offer to your customers and referral partners.

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