Keeping Your Home Competitive

In an ideal world, your home would sell the same week that it is listed on the local real estate market, but this is not an ideal world. The question arises, “how do I ensure that my home is competitive?” There are a few basic things that one needs to do to make sure their home gets noticed first, gets viewed first, and logically, sells first. These things are a combination of enhancing the homes’s curb appeal and interior detail, plus a few thoughtful touches that make the viewing experience more enjoyable for prospective buyers.

First of all, take a look a your homes’s exterior. Now compare that to photos of other listed homes from the same area. Which home would you want to look at first strictly on a visual basis? If it is not your home, you have some work to do. It’s hard to look at your home with a detached eye, but it is necessary. Set aside the years of good memories and try to “be the buyer,” note any small details that need fixing or a cosmetic touch up and get those done.

Then turn your attention to the inside. Most homes are a bit to cluttered to show off the details of a home’s interior. This is not to say that a home is messy, it’s just “lived in.” Try to minimalize the amount of furniture and “stuff” in your home. If necessary, remove some things and put them in storage. You are going to be moving soon anyway, why not get a head start on it? The more “open” your home feels, the better for showing. Remember to clean off all counters and clean the closets. Buyers are nosey and will open all the closets, cabinets and cupboards to ensure there is enough room for their things. Wouldn’t you?

Lastly, make sure that your home is welcoming when people come to view it. Keep the temperature warm if it is cold outside, and cool if it is hot. It will probably be necessary to clean the home daily to maintain its pristine condition. Also, little things like pleasant aromas can help people to feel more at home, cinnamon or chocolate chip cookies are very comforting smells. But if you utilize these, make sure there are some snacks available as viewers might get nibbly!

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