Investigate Surrounding Vacant Land Before Buying

Homebuyers are always looking for an ideal situation with low prices. If you are looking in an area with open land around it, you absolutely must investigate the plans for the area.

Investigate Surrounding Vacant Land Before Buying

You have been out shopping for a home for months and have not found that perfect specimen. One day you come upon a home that meets your needs and fits your price. The home is on a little dead-end street. You are happy with this aspect because you have kids and view the lack of traffic as a positive. You also happen to note there is a big, open field behind the house, but think little of it. Simply put, you are playing with fire.

Assume you go ahead and purchase the home. You move in, get the kids enrolled in school and basically get comfortable in your new home. After a month or so, you are laying in bed at six in the morning when there is suddenly an ungodly racket. You stagger out of bed and notice it coming from the backyard. Walking outside, you are met with an image of bulldozers grading the peaceful field behind you. Congratulations! You have just become a neighbor of a strip mall, Wal-Marts or some other monstrosity.

You may think this never happens, but the exact opposite occurs every day. If there are vacant lots of land around a property you are considering buying, you must investigate them. Are they zoned only for residential use or is commercial zoning available?

If they are approved for commercial use, you need to give some serious thought to whether the property is for you. How will you feel about living next to a business area? How much traffic will it add to your neighborhood? How much noise pollution will there be? What will the commercial development do to the value of the home? These are all questions you must consider and answer.

Finding a property in an area with plenty of open space sounds wonderful. If you investigate the area, you can avoid the situation turning into a nightmare.

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