How To Build Powerful Residual Income With A Simple Real Estate Website

Did you know that several countries have been enjoying a property investment boom in recent times? Have you seen the amount of money that people invest in real estate – some say that it’s the ultimate form of investment, returning not only a rental yield but (on historical average) a 10% return on investment per year. Look, I have a degree in business studies –

I have worked in an investment bank for over 7 years…through my personal experience alone I can tell you that property investment is an incredibly hot niche (and in my opinion it’s only going to get bigger with an exploding global population and finite amount of land and property available).
In fact you have entire funds and bonds dedicated exclusively to real estate investment. If nothing else that should tell you that (a) there is a lot of potential there and (b) there is a lot of MONEY in this niche.

But for you and me that’s just a tempting little side fact – the main issue is that people will pay good money for premium information in this niche!

· They will pay for information on how to purchase properties in different real estate hotspots around the world.

· They will pay for information on how to purchase & expand their property portfolios with little or no money down.

· They also will eagerly subscribe to newsletters that will teach them more about real estate investment (and what additional products they can buy to make money with it). Use the bonus in part 3 of Property Investor Pro as a list building offer and you can build an opt in mailing list of thousands of prospects very quickly. How much additional back-end revenue could you make with that? Have you seen the commissions that some affiliate programs offer in the real estate niche? Fat.

· Property advertisers will pay to have their message on your site/blog (remember you get private label rights to part one of the course). That’s additional Adsense income potential right there.

There are several different business models you could apply to this package. You could sell the entire product as a high ticket item. You could offer part of it as a list building incentive (and have people clicking your affiliate links like crazy). You could offer resell rights or master rights and make it a viral time-bomb. You could use the private label rights content to create your own high quality reports and products and sell these on individually (and pepper them with even more affiliate programs). The opportunities are really endless.

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