How Does Doucet Gerling help?

If your foreclosure case includes litigation, the foreclosure defense lawyers at Doucet Gerling will:

  • Enter an appearance in court on your behalf
  • Answer the foreclosure lawsuit
  • Conduct discovery
  • Take depositions
  • File and respond to motions as appropriate.

We do these things to ensure the bank has crossed its “t’s” and dotted its “i’s” with the goal of saving your home from foreclosure. Practically, this process creates a lot of work for the bank. It also creates a risk of loss for the bank if it does not have its paperwork in order before it filed the foreclosure. This uncertainty in the foreclosure process creates leverage for you and how a good Ohio foreclosure defense lawyer helps.

Almost all contested litigation ends in settlement, which means a deal is likely at some point. However, the deal will vary from case to case and from one foreclosure defense lawyer to another. We have found that the better the case and the better your foreclosure lawyer, the better the settlement. That is why we work hard and actively litigate each foreclosure case for our clients. Our foreclosure defense lawyers commonly answer, file counterclaims, and thoroughly litigate foreclosure cases on behalf of our clients. We believe that an aggressive foreclosure litigation strategy yields the best results. While not every case results in an amazing result, we regularly see our clients secure foreclosure settlements that meet all of their objectives plus some.

Contact our foreclosure defense lawyers for help in Columbus, Ohio or Cleveland, Ohio now with help with your foreclosure!  Call us at (888) 200-9824 today.

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