How can I find a Property Conveyancer?

What is Conveyancing? – The term ‘Conveyancing‘ refers to all the legal and administrative work associated with transferring the ownership of land or buildings from one owner to another. Generally conveyancer or solicitor performs the process of property conveyancing; and conveyancing involves the transfer of property ownership from one party to another. Conveyancer or solicitor should be licensed holder.

Find a Licensed Conveyancer: – To find a licensed conveyancer that specializes in real estate property conveyancing in Australia, search under terms such as “online conveyancing services” or “conveyancing Australia“. Rapid offers an online conveyancing solution for anyone planning to buy or sell residential property in Australia. You will find all the online conveyancing advice you need on You can get an online conveyancing quote also.

When you start the conveyancing process: – The conveyancing process starts after an offer has been made and accepted for a property, and solicitors’ details have been exchanged by the two parties. If you are buying property privately the conveyancing process begins with your lawyer or conveyancer examining the contract for sale prepared by the vendor’s representative. Your contract should keep these details:
1. Property address – Compete and Proper address should mention clearly.
2. Names of the parties – Real Name should appear of your and seller.
3. Selling price – Price of selling on which both parties agreed.
4. Terms and conditions – Terms and conditioned must clear declared and agreed both parties.
5. Timing of settlement – when you take possession of the house.

Your legal conveyancer is responsible for checking the details of the contract, ensuring it contains nothing detrimental to the purchase or intended use of the property, e.g. zoning conditions or title restrictions.

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