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Westwood, California the northern central portion of L.A.’s West Side. If you are looking to get a little bit out of the way, from LA, you will find this is an area you will have fun, and you will find close to everything you need at the same time. Westwood is bordered by Brentwood, Bel-Air, Century City, and Beverly Hills, along with West L.A., Sawtelle and Rancho part. The Westwood home boundaries are considered Olympic Blvd on the southeast Beverly Hills on the northeast side, Sunset on the North, the San Diego Freeway on the southwestern. You can access many shopping areas, as well as find a job in just about any of the surrounding areas you would like to work. If you are already living in CA you know how beautiful the seasons are, and Westwood is no different, great scenery while still being accessible to many highways, byways and areas.

Westwood is the place for many movie premieres and has many vintage movie theatres like Art Deco Crest and Mann Bruin, so you want to explore entertainment, this is a great area to live. They are a great place to spend an evening or Saturday night when you want to get out on the town. Westwood is also the home of Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery, which is the resting place for many stars just think about it – who knows who your neighbor, is going to be! Since this is the place of the stars, Westwood would not be complete without a couple museums in honor of the many rich and famous who have left their mark on society rather it be off or on the screen. If you want to learn more about movies, or enjoy the movies, or even if you want to break into the movies yourself, you can find all types of entertainment can be found in Westwood.

Westwood, for awhile was known to have it’s troubles, much like L.A., but over the years Westwood’s good name has been shining and Westwood is once again a good place to live. It is to be predominantly tourist, but California has once again re-claimed Westwood and many people purchase homes in Westwood. In fact, Westwood is one of the safest neighborhoods in the city and has a pretty good retail sector, though Santa Monica, Century City, and Culver City is some of the best shopping areas located in Westwood.

When it comes to the ethnicity of the residents, many are from European and Persian decedents. Many of the well do live in high-rise apartments and in Holmby Hills. Today in L.A. single-family houses tend to be east or southeast of UCLA; which is near Sepulveda, Santa Monica, Westwood, and Wilshire.

There is a high demand for homes and apartments in the Westwood Area and that is why they tend to be so expensive. Even if you are planning on renting, you should be prepared to pay a higher price than in most areas. The price is all worth it, since Westwood homes are very good investments and are worth every penny. When you live in Westwood, it is not that far fetched to see some actors or artists in Westwood. You can always go down to the huge theatres and see all the “A listers” going to their movie premiers. Westwood is the ultimate L.A. area. If it is ethnic that you want, Little Persia is located along Westwood Blvd.

While looking for Westwood real estate, you want to take inconsideration the smaller neighborhoods that make up Westwood, like Little Holmby, Century City, Westwood Hills, Cheviot Hills, and Rancho Park. You will always know where you are because each neighborhood has their own little marker or characteristic and they also share some common boundaries with landmarks. Westwood Village is the place to go for shopping sprees, movies, and the college crown. The area is very upscale and elegant with the traditional and Spanish-build homes. For recreation you can find several different basketball courts, handball/racquetball courts, soccer fields, picnic areas, playgrounds, swimming pools, tennis courts, and some indoor gyms. You will also notice that Holmby Park has a golf course, running trails, picnic areas, playgrounds, and many other recreational activity areas.

As you can tell, Westwood was something for everyone and for any type of budget. You should be able to find a home in Westwood rather you are middle or high society class. Westwood reality companies will let you know where you best bet is to start your search for that perfect home or apartment and they will also tell you the best schools that are located in the area. Your realtor should be able to answer any questions that you may have about the area and the schools or whatnot that is located in the area.

You should also be able to find a Westwood, California condo that would be perfect for your type of life and living style. Westwood condos are some of the best that are located in the L.A. area. In fact, all Westwood homes are some of the best in L.A. that you will be able to find in your budget. Westwood homes and real estate are located in one of the safest parts of L.A. and are mostly big, beautiful investments. It is also not just for the richie-riches, Westwood is affordable to practically anyone in California. Although a lot of people who are higher class purchase a home in Westwood, it only gives the area more credibility. Don’t be intimidated by the fact that celebrities are frequent in the Westwood section because you deserve to live and a safe and beautiful home for your family.

The house listings in Westwood are very diverse in style and price. If you were to sell your home in Westwood, you would have no problem just for the fact that Westwood has a high market demand for homes, condos, and apartments. When it comes to selling or purchasing a Westwood home, a good realtor will allow both the seller and the buyer to get a good or fair deal. Westwood homes for sale can be very elegant and look like they are worth a million bucks, and some can be. The average price listing for a house in Westwood would be anything from $350, 000 and above. This price range is not bad considering that is a great area to raise children and to purchase a home. You can find anything from a one bedroom, to a five bedroom, an apartment or even a condo in Westwood to raise a family while being close to the action in CA.

If you feel that you are ready to see a Westwood home, contact a Westwood realtor. They will be able to answer all your questions and they will make sure that you find the best home, apartment, or condo that fits within your budget. Westwood is a great place to live and realtors will make that evident when you are shown just how nice the area can be and how the Westwood environment stands. Both buyers and sellers realize that they are making a good investment on Westwood real estate and that’s why Westwood homes and apartments can be expensive, but they are worth the added money, because Westwood is one of the best places to live in the L.A. area.

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