Home Inspections – Getting your home ready for the inspection

Many times I go to do a home to complete an inspection for a potential buyer, only to find the home not ready for an inspection. The home not being prepared then makes the buyer suspicious that there are areas that the inspector could not access causing them to back out of the deal. Completing a few routine maintenance items and having the home prepared for the inspection will avoid those long lists of misc. defects on a home inspection report that can scare a potential buyer.

Here are some tips to get your home ready for a home inspection.

1. Make sure the electric is on in the home and to all circuits. A home inspector will not flip breakers “on” or “off” during an inspection.
2. Make sure the gas or fuel is on to all the appliances and that all pilot lights are lit. Inspectors will not light pilot lights or turn on valves.
3. Make sure water is on and functional to all fixtures. Inspectors will not turn any valves to get water to any fixture.
4. If there are any light bulbs burned out, replace them.
5. Clear out stored items under the sinks.
6. If the attic access is located in a closet or other area where your personal effects are in the way, remove all of your personal items from under the access hole and remove any shelving that may be in the way of getting a ladder to the attic. Inspectors will not move any personal items or shelving to access an attic.
7. Grab a screwdriver and check all doors and windows for loose hardware, and make sure they all open/close properly.
8. Clean off the roof and/or gutters from debris, etc.
9. Check for any minor leaks under sinks or drains under the floor in the basement, etc., and have them repaired prior to the inspection.
10. Have your heating and A/C equipment serviced and have record of the last servicing available for proof.

Taking care of these items will not only reduce the laundry list of defects found on a home inspection report, but it will also help secure the deal to sell your home.

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