Good time for real estate Investment gains in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country blessed with great geographical atmosphere. Three mountain ranges run through the country (Stara Planina-The Balkans, The Pirin and the Rhodopes) offering wonderful conditions for skiing in the winter season. The Bulgarian Black sea coast offers a lot of picturesque spots for traveling and spending a nice holiday. You can also practice many outdoor activities like trekking and hiking, horse back riding, bird watching, swimming, skiing, climbing, hunting, fishing… Thinking of relaxing – amazing nature, sunny beaches, healing spas, monasteries and churches, hospitable towns and villages…

The Republic of Bulgaria covers an area of 110,910 square miles with a population of over 7 million. It boasts 354km of dramatic coastline along the non-tidal Black Sea. Its tourist industry is flourishing as people flock to the clear waters of the Black Sea and temperatures that beat the Mediterranean in the summer months.

Interest in beautiful Bulgaria has been growing rapidly as investors look this for the next ‘big thing’. The country is on course to enter the EU – European Union in 2007 and is predicted to see steady & fairly large increases in property prices over the coming years as a result money to develop its banks, telecommunications and transport is being splashed around. New Embassies, offices, conference centres, hotels and motorways are being built and international firms are moving to the Sofia, capital of Bulgaria. In short, these days Bulgaria offers an almost unrivalled quality of life and investment opportunity.
There are four international airports in Bulgaria – Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Bourgas and as such is ready for the tourism explosion which is expected here.
The city of Varna is the biggest city at the Bulgarian Black sea coast, situated at the Bay of Varna and offers unlimited number of accommodation facilities, for rent and for sale. The city is surrounded by lots of gardens, vineyards and deciduous groves. museums, the Cathedral of the Holly Mother, the Dolphin show, the Aquarium deserve a very special attention.

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