Foreclosure loss mitigation business opportunities are all around us

Tampa, FL – There has been a lot of talk in the media about the real estate investing market and the increasing number of bank foreclosures. The media is showing a negative outlook on the real estate market because they are saying that home sales are slow.

The general public believes this because during a downturn it takes longer to sell homes because there are more homes on the market. There are a lot of bank foreclosures and reo properties on the market which has added to the inventory. Smart foreclosure investors know this is all BS because they know that a home can sell just as fast if it has more exposure in the marketplace. The reason why homes don’t have as much exposure in a slow market than in a hot market is because the homes have more competition. The fact of the matter is; Now is the best time to get started in real estate foreclosure investing because the opportunities to create huge profits and wealth is endless.

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More millionaires have been made in a down real estate market by buying investment properties than any other market. Anyone can make huge profits in a down real estate market if they take some time to go to real estate investing classes. The hottest class to attend right now is on short sale training.

A foreclosure short sale is when a lender accepts less than what’s owed on the mortgage. It’s a critical part of any real estate foreclosure investing strategy in today’s market because 95% of all homes entering foreclosure have equity in them. Short Sale training can separate the men from the boys when it comes to making it big in today’s real estate foreclosure investing market.

It always important to have a mentor when buying investment properties or when you are a real estate investing beginner. Getting advice on real estate investing can make or break your new entrepreneurial venture because you have to understand you make money on a property when you buy it and you realize it when you sell it. If you buy properties the wrong way or overpay for an investment property, you are putting yourself in a risky position.

Foreclosure loss mitigation business opportunities are all around us. Most people don’t know this industry exists. Or they hear negative things in the media about how foreclosure investors rip off homeowners by stealing their houses. Well that’s what the media’s job is.

They need to spin the stories to make it more interesting for the people watching their shows so they don’t go to another channel. If they go to another channel, they will get lower rates and less money from their advertisers. So take everything with a grain of salt. You need to treat everyone you help with a foreclosure listing with respect and not take advantage of them. This is why the media has so much to say about bank foreclosures.

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Loss Mitigation is the department at the mortgage company that negotiates the defaulted loan or loan in foreclosure with homeowners. The Loss mitigation department negotiates real estate short sales for their bank or their investor. Negotiating with mortgage companies gets into advanced foreclosure training because if the loss mitigation specialist working at the bank finds out that you are a real estate investing beginner, they will take advantage of you.

Real estate investing beginners can also invest in a foreclosure course if they can’t dedicate the time out of their schedule to attend a foreclosure class or other real estate investing classes. The best investment for a real estate investing beginner is to get a foreclosure investing short sale course. This is the best advice on real estate investing you can get for today’s rapidly exploding foreclosures market. Short sale training is sometimes referred to as loss mitigation training.

There are resources on the internet for free foreclosure listings, however you have to remember; “You get what you pay for.” Usually these free foreclosure listings are not accurate because they compile these free foreclosure listings from old information from public sources. The best way to find quality foreclosure listings is from your local courthouse. In some areas, there are companies that go to the courthouse for you and will sell the foreclosure leads to you. The most important thing is that you get the foreclosure listings on a daily basis.

We are in the greatest real estate market you may see in your lifetime. You can start your own foreclosure investing business right now. You don’t need good credit, a ton of cash, or any experience to get started because all Foreclosure deals are down with no money down when you that the right foreclosure training.

Are you going to let this once in a lifetime opportunity to help distressed homeowners and make a ton of cash along the way pass you by?

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