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Doucet Gerling is a Florida foreclosure defense law firm that defends foreclosure and saves homes in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Our attorneys assist clients in defending foreclosure without bankruptcy.

Our top rated foreclosure defense attorneys help families save their homes and remain in the neighborhoods they love. The attorneys with Doucet Gerling work to help you keep your home, get a Florida mortgage loan modification, and avoid deficiency judgments and bankruptcy.

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Doucet Gerling is BBB Accredited. Our mortgage attorneys help people facing foreclosure throughout Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Attorney Troy Doucet is a foreclosure attorney near me who is rated AV Preeminent by Martindale Hubbell and is a SuperLawyer in the area of consumer law. Put our firm's knowledge of mortgage foreclosure and debt law to work for you. Our Fort Lauderdale mortgage attorneys serve all of Florida.*

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This is a scary time, but there are benefits to getting legal help now.

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How to stop the sale of your home at last minute.

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In case you want to go it alone, here is a list of foreclosure defenses you should know.

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Have you been trying to get help with your mortgage loan with your bank for weeks and gotten nowhere? Unfortunately, that is a common story we hear. Our mortgage attorneys talk to people all the time who have been trying to work things out with their mortgage company. Our clients call and talk to tons of mortgage representatives who just keep transferring them around. Sometimes you are able to talk to a mortgage representative who says they will help. But then you wait and end up in mortgage foreclosure instead. Rather than helping you save your Fort Lauderdale home, your mortgage company forces you to have to call our Fort Lauderdale foreclosure defense lawyers.

Time to Act

Most of our clients have experienced a payment "hiccup" that caused them to miss a payment or two. This happens to the best of us from time to time. Do not get discouraged, but it is time to act. If you haven't been successful in avoiding foreclosure with your mortgage company so far, it might be time to talk to a top rated foreclosure defense attorney get back on track with your mortgage without losing your home to a foreclosure auction.

If you are reading this, it probably means your mortgage company has pushed you into foreclosure. They might want to help, but they could be so disorganized or incompetent that help isn't available. That is where our Fort Lauderdale foreclosure defense attorneys step in. We fight back. They put you into foreclosure, but our Fort Lauderdale foreclosure lawyers work hard to get you out of it. Call us now at (888)200-9824 to see how we can help.

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About Our Owners

Troy Doucet
Troy Doucet owned a mortgage company before going to law school. That company's failure pushed his home into foreclosure himself, where he learned a lot about what banks will do to win. It also caused him to dedicate his law practice to helping others save their homes from mortgage foreclosure. Read Troy Doucet's story.
Troy Doucet
Andrew Gerling is nearing 20 years in the legal industry. Before attending lawsuit school where he graduated cum laude, he worked for a large law firm. Andy works with new lawyers at the firm and has shaped a number of cases we litigate. Read about Andy Gerling.*

Our Attorneys Can Help

When your mortgage servicer stops trying, it's time to call the Fort Lauderdale foreclosure defense lawyers at Doucet Gerling. Our top rated foreclosure defense lawyers have a decade of experience helping people facing foreclosure, just like you. We answer the foreclosure lawsuit, conduct discovery, and file motions as appropriate in the foreclosure litigation. We hold the mortgage company's feet to the fire. Usually that means a deal you love!

How Our Fort Lauderdale Foreclosure Defense Attorneys Help You

Doucet Gerling's Fort Lauderdale foreclosure defense attorneys work hard to keep you in your home, your kids in their school district, and decrease the stress you are feeling right now.

We can help right away with your mortgage foreclosure. Our foreclosure defense attorneys can help prior to the foreclosure complaint being filed in court, after the mortgage foreclosure has started, or sometimes even after foreclosure judgment has been issued by the Circuit Court. Our top rated foreclosure defense attorneysfile motions in court. We can also work directly with your mortgage company to get a deal done. We normally secure loan modifications without the need to file bankruptcy.

Our Fort Lauderdale foreclosure defense attorneys fight in court for our clients. As a result of our hard work, we get loan modifications and settlements reflective of our tough, smart, and thorough work ethic. The banks know it will not be easy taking our Fort Lauderdale Florida clients' homes. Learn how our Fort Lauderdale foreclosure lawyers help our Florida clients save their homes from foreclosure and avoid bankruptcy.

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