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Florida Foreclosure Defense

A true foreclosure defense lawyer represents their clients in state court where the foreclosure is located. They use defenses, counterclaims, and third party claims to fight for their clients rights in court to get deals done. Foreclosure defense is not filing bankruptcy.

Florida Foreclosure Defense

Avoid Bankruptcy & Save Your Home

Our Florida foreclosure defense attorneys help families throughout Florida avoid losing their home to foreclosure.

We represent clients at all stages of foreclosure in Florida. This includes pre-foreclosure, after the foreclosure lawsuit is filed, and all the way to the auction. In some cases, we can help even after the foreclosure is completed. We file answers for our clients, litigate cases, and work directly with your lender to get a deal done.

We do all our work to save your home from foreclosure without the need to file bankruptcy. The banks know it won’t be easy taking our clients homes though foreclosure because we fight hard for your rights. We keep the pressure up to maximize the chances of success.

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In-Court Defense

We answer your foreclosure lawsuit so you don't face immediate default and loss of your home to foreclosure.

Counterclaim Evaluation

Sometimes, the best defense is a good offense. We look for errors that your mortgage servicer may have committed that might help you get a better settlement.

Loan Modifications

Our clients regularly get deals done that reset their loans at better rates and terms. Our clients rarely put money down for their loan modification..

Florida Foreclosure Attorneys Help Save Homes

Doucet Gerling has helped over 1,400 people and businesses in legal disputes without bankruptcy. Our South Florida law firm helps people facing foreclosure. Attorneys Doucet and Gerling* are rated AV Preeminent by Martindale Hubbell and have been rated by SuperLawyers for years. We look forward to helping you save your home from foreclosure.

Protect Your Florida Commercial Property from Foreclosure

In addition to residential foreclosure defense, we help businesses that are facing legal issues with creditors, banks, and lenders.

Objective-Based Analysis

Due to our extensive experience representing people being pursued by lenders, we are able to suggest courses of action that best meet our clients' objectives.  

Counterclaim Evaluation

As litigators, we understand that the best defense is a good offense.  We look for claims in each situation, and file suit when it serves your interests.

Avoid Bankruptcy

Our clients want to avoid bankruptcy, limiting their personal exposure to debts, leases, or financial obligations.  Learn how we help here.