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The Columbus, Ohio foreclosure defense and business litigation lawyers at Doucet Gerling have helped over 1,400 consumers, businesses, and people facing foreclosure without bankruptcy throughout Ohio.  Our top rated lawyers help people with the goal of saving their homes and find peace of mind.  The majority of our clients keep their homes, get loan mods, and avoid deficiency judgments (or walk away without deficiency, at their choice) and avoid bankruptcy.  Our business litigation services help business owners with the goal of protecting their interests during challenging times.

The Columbus, Ohio law firm of Doucet Gerling is BBB Accredited and maintains an A+ Rating. Attorneys Doucet and Gerling are rated AV Preeminent by Martindale Hubbell and have been "SuperLawyers" for several years. Put our knowledge of foreclosure and debt law to work for you. We serve all of Ohio and are based in Columbus, Ohio.
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Hitting a Mortgage Company Brick Wall

Many of our clients have tried for weeks or months to get help from their mortgage company before calling us. Most have experienced a payment "hiccup" that caused them to miss a few payments. In today's economy, that is normal. But now, like you, the hiccup has passed and you want to get back on track with your mortgage without facing foreclosure.

But your mortgage servicer refuses. Or the bank is so disorganized or incompetent that it is not able to help. Thus, you end up in foreclosure even though you are ready, able, and willing to avoid it.

When you hit a brick wall with your mortgage servicer, our top rated foreclosure defense lawyers can step in to help. We can answer the foreclosure lawsuit and conduct discovery. We hold the bank's feet to the fire. That means for many of our clients, a foreclosure defense lawyer is what the bank needed to have the right incentive to get a deal done. We work with the goal of getting deals done that our clients love.  Call us at (888) 200-9824 to see how we might be able to help you.

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About Our Owners

Troy Doucet
Troy Doucet owned a mortgage company before going to law school. That company's failure pushed his home into foreclosure, where he learned a lot about what banks will do to win. It also caused him to dedicate his law practice to helping others save their homes from foreclosure. Read more about Troy Doucet's story.
Troy Doucet

Andrew Gerling maintains an AV Preeminent rating with Martindale Hubbell® and is ranked as one of the three best consumer lawyers in Columbus by ThreeBest Rated®.  He has remained a SuperLawyer® Rising Star for multiple years.  Mr. Gerling graduated cum laude from law school and summa cum laude from Otterbein University. Read about Andy Gerling.*

How Our Foreclosure Defense Lawyers Help Homeowners

Doucet Gerling's Columbus, Ohio foreclosure defense lawyers will work hard to keep you in your home, your kids in their school district, and help to decrease the anxiety you are feeling right now.

We can get involved right away with your foreclosure, whether it is prior to the foreclosure complaint being filed in court, after foreclosure has started, or sometimes even after judgment has been rendered. Our top rated foreclosure defense lawyers file motions in court and we work directly with the lender to get deals done. Plus, all of this is done without the need to file bankruptcy.

We fight in court for our clients. As a result of our hard work, get deals our clients love because we are tough, smart, and thorough. The banks know it will not be easy taking our clients homes. We keep the pressure up to maximize results. Learn how we help our clients avoid bankruptcy.

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Expect Excellent Customer Service

  • Our mortgage company was very unwilling to work through our situation, and the first lawyer we used must have been exclusively used for bankruptcy, because they did nothing while the bank just went ahead with the foreclosure process. Our friend at church recommended Troy, who did not disappoint. The house we were still living in was on the auction block already, and we were out of hope, when Troy filed a RESPA claim within days of us retaining him. It was a solid, thorough case done at lightning speed, and definitely got the bank's attention as they immediately halted the foreclosure. We were able to stay in the house for about another year while we negotiated a more reasonable exit strategy, with compensation that more than covered our legal expenses! I have no doubt that we would have actually won a summary judgement with Troy leading if that was what we wanted.

    We love Troy and his team, and gladly recommend them to everyone. His own personal story is tragic, so take the time to read it, and you will definitely see that he took the knowledge from that tragedy and has been helping so many others with it. Definitely call Doucet Gerling!  - Kristina B


  • During the last big recession we found ourselves in a very bad spot and needed help with foreclosure defense. We were underwater due to major medical bills, the housing market crash and really had lost hope. Our luck changed when we found Troy Doucet. Troy and his entire staff worked much harder than I ever expected on our case. We always felt like they were doing their best to help us as they explained our options so that we felt confident with our decisions. I can't say enough about how much they helped us get through bankruptcy and foreclosure. Almost 10 years later, we are doing great and it is still one of the best decisions we made. Thanks to Troy and his staff!  - Sean L.

Prospective clients may or may not obtain the same result.  Read more client testimonials from actual Doucet Gerling clients here!  Contact us now at (888) 200-9824.

What is Foreclosure?

Foreclosure is the legal process to take property and sell it to recover money owed under a loan. People refer to foreclosure as a thing, but foreclosure is a legal process. The foreclosure process begins with a lawsuit being filed in court. That lawsuit asks for two things. The first is for money owed under a loan. This amount will include some junk fees and court costs. Ohio prohibits the bank from obtaining its attorneys’ fees in a foreclosure lawsuit.

The second thing requested in a foreclosure lawsuit is to sell the property to pay off the loan.  The right to sell the home is found in the document called the mortgage.  This part of the lawsuit is what makes a foreclosure different than other kinds of lawsuits. Suing for money is just a run-of-the-mill breach of contract. Adding in the mortgage makes it a foreclosure.  Our foreclosure defense lawyers are familiar with these causes of action and defending them.

If a homeowner does not answer the foreclosure lawsuit (or loses the lawsuit), the bank gets the right to sell the home to pay back the loan. A judge can also order judgment against the homeowner for the amount of the loan as part of a foreclosure lawsuit. Then the bank asks the sheriff  to appraise and sell the home. A foreclosure auction is scheduled, the home is sold, then the loan paid off.  Hiring a foreclosure defense lawyer can help in the defense of your claim with the goal of avoiding the sale.

If the amount of the auction does not cover the full amount of the bank's loan, then the bank may have the right to take a deficiency judgment. That allows the bank to seek payment directly from you until it gets all its money back. If there is extra money from the foreclosure sale, you are entitled to keep that money. However, you will need to ask the court within a short period of time to send it to you. We will work hard to help you save your home from foreclosure, or not face a deficiency if you decide to give it up. 

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How Does Doucet Gerling help?

If your foreclosure case includes litigation, the foreclosure defense lawyers at Doucet Gerling will enter an appearance in court on your behalf.  We will answer the foreclosure lawsuit, conduct discovery, take depositions, and file and respond to motions as appropriate. We do these things to ensure the bank has crossed its “t’s” and dotted its “i’s” with the goal of saving your home from foreclosure. Practically, this process creates a lot of work for the bank. It also creates a risk of loss for the bank if it does not have its paperwork in order before it filed the foreclosure. This uncertainty in the foreclosure process creates leverage for you and how a good Ohio foreclosure defense lawyer helps.

Almost all contested litigation ends in settlement, which means a deal is likely at some point. However, the deal will vary from case to case and from one foreclosure defense lawyer to another. We have found that the better the case and the better your foreclosure lawyer, the better the settlement. That is why we work hard and actively litigate each foreclosure case for our clients. Our foreclosure defense lawyers commonly answer, file counterclaims, and thoroughly litigate foreclosure cases on behalf of our clients. We believe that an aggressive foreclosure litigation strategy yields the best results. While not every case results in an amazing result, we regularly see our clients secure foreclosure settlements that meet all of their objectives plus some.

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