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Troy Doucet and Andrew Gerling are AV-rated attorneys by Marindale Hubbell. This is the best lawyer rating available through the peer-rated survey. Troy and Andy have also been ranked in SuperLawyers as Rising Stars for several years. Mr. Doucet recently earned SuperLawyer's best attorney ranking, SuperLawyer, for consumer law.

Doucet Gerling maintains an A+ rating with the BBB. The firm remains Accredited through the BBB as well. Our firm is known in many circles for our good work helping people. We are also compassionate about what you are going through. That is how we have earned over 70 "5-Star" ratings with Google. Finally, our foreclosure defense law firm has won multiple cases in state and federal court that help people facing foreclosure. Some of our best foreclosure defense cases set legal precedent. Call us today at (888) 200-9824 to see how we can help you.

Lower Your Payments

We have forced mortgage companies to offer loan modifications, wipe out deficiencies, respond to inquiries, refund fees, pay damages, write off balances, pay our fees, and more

Loads of Benefits

There are a lot of benefits to having a top rated foreclosure defense attorney help with your foreclosure.

Information is Power

We have helped over a thousand families with outstanding results. Learn all about foreclosure.

A Decade of Foreclosure Defense

Attorney Troy Doucet “wrote the book” on foreclosure defense in 2008. He published 23 Legal Defenses to Foreclosure: How to Beat the Bank to help people fight foreclosure. He has been helping families facing foreclosure since starting Doucet Gerling in 2010. Troy also published The Art of War for Lawyers and a book on The Truth in Lending Act.

Troy Doucet graduated magna cum laude from law school. Andrew Gerling graduated cum laude from law school and summa cum laude in his undergraduate studies. They are both top rated foreclosure defense lawyers by several organizations that rate attorneys. We strive to be the best foreclosure lawyers for you and your family. We are known for our hard work work and outstanding results and help people in Ohio. Give us a call today to see how our top rated foreclosure defense attorneys can help you.

Our top rated foreclosure defense lawyers have experience with loan modifications, write-offs, write-downs, walk-aways, and more. Damages and fees might also be available. Call us: (888) 200-9824

Actual Quote From a Bank Lawyer about Doucet Gerling:

“Based on the opposing counsel firm[,] this matter will become litigated and will require extensive fees to prosecute the foreclosure and defend the counterclaim."

This was an actual quote by a bank's lawyer to the bank regarding Doucet Gerling's involvement with a foreclosure case. This quote reflects our hard work and dedication to litigating each and every foreclosure case, and it is good news for our clients. When opposing counsel understands how difficult the foreclosure case will become with our law firm on the other side, better and faster deals are done. A foreclosure settlement can save the bank time and money, which means leverage for you to get a deal you love. Our hard work helps get these challenging times behind you quicker.

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Objective-Based Foreclosure Representation

We know you didn't want to be in this situation. Nobody wants to end up in foreclosure, but are here to help.

Most of our clients want to save their home from foreclosure. Other clients need time to get back on track while looking for work. Still others want to walk away from their home but want to avoid a deficiency judgment (with maybe some cash for keys) after the foreclosure. Our attorneys help people on all fronts. That is, we work towards a resolution you want while avoiding a foreclosure judgment or sheriff’s sale. Our top rated foreclosure defense attorneys job is to help you meet your objectives. We also want to help you decrease your stress and the anxiety you might be feeling from the foreclosure.

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Experienced Foreclosure Attorneys

You can feel comfort able with the top rated foreclosure defense attorneys at Doucet Gerling helping with your foreclosure case. We represent people against banks and mortgage companies every day. Many of our clients are in foreclosure or are at risk of foreclosure.

We do NOT file bankruptcy. Instead, our foreclosure defense attorneys represent you in court. We defend the foreclosure and work to find an outcome you love. We serve people facing foreclosure all around Ohio. However, we are nationally recognized for our work as foreclosure defense attorneys. Troy Doucet and Andy Gerling regularly train other lawyers in this area (CLEs). Doucet Gerling provides free consultations to explain your options when facing foreclosure. You might be surprised to learn how we can help. We are also very experienced with RESPA and the FDCPA.

Smart & Aggressive

Our top rated foreclosure defense attorneys have set law in the Sixth Circuit. We have multiple precedent-setting consumer cases.

Avoid Bankruptcy

Our lawyers aggressively pursue claims and defenses on behalf of our clients. This helps us get better deals for our clients.

Nationally Recognized

Our top rated foreclosure defense attorneys have taught over a dozen courses on foreclosure defense and consumer law.

Leaders in Foreclosure Defense

If you are looking for the best foreclosure defense and mortgage lawyers to help with your foreclosure, call us first. Our legal consultations are free and we work with clients across Ohio. Our top rated foreclosure defense lawyers are ready to help.

Call (888) 200-9824 today for your free legal consultation. If you are looking for the best foreclosure lawyers, call us today.

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Call (888) 200-9824 now, or read more about how we can help you avoid bankruptcy, secure a loan modification, or stop the sheriff's sale. We also offer lots of information about preforeclosure, the fears and benefits people experience, and tons of Ohio foreclosure FAQs, and even an Ohio foreclosure timeline. If you are looking at defending foreclosure without an attorney, you should definitely check out our list of foreclosure defenses.

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