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“New Delhi – The capital of India! Mumbai – the commercial capital of India! People know these cities as places where they could make their dreams. What people also remember it for is places like Connaught place, Karol Bagh etc. Places like Azadpur and Subzi Mandi do not escape one’s attention at all. One preview of all these places will tell you that it is diversity in integrity. Delhi or New Delhi as it is best described is one of the hot happening scenes in real estate in India where Mumbai is best known for you to lead a life depending on the money that you have.

Why is real estate considered to be hot property here?

New Delhi being the capital of India boasts of some of the best amenities. Good roads, connectivity by road, train and aeroplane is a perfect addition to the amenities. It boasts of some cultural high points too like Qutub Minar. Mumbai being the financial hotspot of the country attracts a lot of money. You will find posh areas like Walkeshwar, Bandra. If you have an apartment here and if you wish to sell apartment in Mumbai, be assured that you will get a good deal.

Both these cities are well connected to Tier II metros. New Delhi is very close to Gurgaon and NOIDA whereas Mumbai is close to Pune and Surat. Proximity to Tier II cities is an important aspect of real estate India. The reason for this is simple – Real Estate India is no longer confined to Tier I cities with it spreading tentacles to other cities too.

Buy House in Delhi – Is it a challenge?

If you wish to buy house in Delhi, it could be a challenge of sorts for you. There are two big factors you need to consider here – The crowd of the locality and the prices. Normally, the more posh areas like Chanakya Enclaves or Janakpuri would have less crowd but the property rates are exorbitant here.

Sell Apartment in Mumbai – One big challenge

Mumbai has expanded big time over the last 10-15 years. Relatively uninhabited areas like New Mumbai, Virar,etc has seen a tremendous increase in number of people who wish to buy a property. The biggest challenge here is the Forest Land Ceiling Act. If you have bought a property in Mumbai, selling it could be a very big challenge if the Forest Ceiling Act declares the property illegal. If you wish to sell apartment in Mumbai, make sure that it has the necessary legal papers.

Pinjra has got experienced realtors in both these cities. Real estate agents at have understood the cost per square foot patterns of each of the localities here in Mumbai and Delhi and hence are in the best position to advice you on any necessary recommendations. Hence, if you wish to buy apartment in Delhi or Sell apartment in Mumbai, Pinjra is the place to stop.”

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