Exclusive Philippine Property Forum Launched

Beth Collingz, Overseas Marketing Director of PLC International, the lead brokerage firm for Pacific Concord Properties Inc’s Lancaster Brand of Condotel developments in the Philippines said included in this ambitious plan is the development of infrastructure – with the construction of new highways, the increase of telecommunications, electricity, banking, insurances along with improvements in education and health care specially in progressive cities such as Cebu in central Visayas.

Unfortunately, with so much real estate development happening in the country, coverage of information and relevant news has been scant – to say the least. PLC’s new Property Forum, a dedicated platform designed to bring like minded individuals with one common interest under one community banner, aims to bridge that gap said Collingz.

Launched in August 2007, PLC’s Philippine Property Forum is a young community that brings investors, holiday home owners, developers, agents, and just curious browsers together to provide useful exchange of information and ideas.

The property forum has been designed and with the intention of keeping relevant topics and issues active as the primary focus. The broad categories under the forum are: Condotels in the Philippines, other High Rise Condominium properties, and Investment help and advice. The forum encourages professionals and amateurs alike to share their views and opinions on issues related to Philippine Retirement, Visa Issues, Special Investor Visa’s, Investing, Legal and Real Estate Laws in the Philippines, real estate taxes, property management and others.

With a relatively good number of projects under its banner, PLC’s Property Forum aims to bring on board several large scale projects to share with its members. The forum also attracts corporate membership from developers who wish to participate in the community and communicate with its buyers and investors.

Most of all, PLC’s Property Forum is probably the only dedicated platform related to the Philippines which maintains an independent view and allows free exchange of ideas and opinions. Still a young community, it will not be long before PLC’s Property Forum becomes an authority on issues and topics related to Philippine property investment.

Member registration is free, and PLC’s Property Forum is currently offering free corporate membership to key developers for a limited time.

PLC Global is also looking to expand its Web coverage after recently launching its WEBSEO services for accredited Realtors, Estate Agents, Brokers and Agents joining the PLC Web Ring by purchasing Philippine websites. PLC’s Webseo service provides Realtors with their own individual interactive webpage, agent profile, contact information and summary details of the developments they represent.

Collingz said the firm is actively buying any Philippine websites or Filipino orientated sites on the web to expand our global presence, this coming on the back of the recently announced new services in its efforts to help all realtors, real estate brokers and agents in getting more ground in establishing their presence on-line. Called PLC Webseo, the PLC Global Pinoy Web Ring offers realtors, estate agents, real estate brokers and agents a chance to have their own professionally designed webpage indexed to the plcglobalpinoy.com website designed to individually showcase and feature projects they are offering to the public, at a very reasonable and affordable price.

Anyone who has a Philippine website or Filipino orientated site can send us their offer of purchase said Collingz. We also invite all real estate agents to join us for a one time joining fee of only [Philippine Pesos] -Php-2,500.00 and a nominal yearly renewal of -Php-1,000.00. Interested parties can view a sample of the Webseo on the firms website Collingz said. PLC Web Ring members can also advertise with us, or exchange links. When you get to be a part of our web ring, you get free exposure/traffic as visitors click on the other member sites of the web ring. Members can advertise properties for sale or lease with us. And since we are constantly on-line and browsing the web, they can also exchange links for more free traffic and submit real estate articles to be posted on the site or Philippine Skyscraper Forums pages after being approved by site owners.

PLC Global’s WEBSEO also offers its members cost-effective Web Design/Development and Search Engine Optimization services to business individuals as well as small business organizations and medium-sized businesses. Though our web development projects are usually built with Joomla! CMS, one the most popular content management systems today, we also offer development of brochure-like websites using cascading style sheets and HTML. Basically, we offer our search engine optimization services as an integral part of our web development packages. We also offer services to promoting new websites as well as maintaining high rankings in search engines with chosen search terms said Collingz

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