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Doucet Appointed to MDL

We are proud to announce that today Troy Doucet was appointed to the Executive Committee to help manage the plaintiff’s TEACH grant litigation against FedLoan servicing.

Earlier this year, nearly a dozen class action lawsuits against FedLoan Servicing, PHEAA, and the Department of Education were consolidated into one Multi-District Litigation (MDL) before judge C. Darnell Jones, II in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. The lawsuits collectively cover over 325,000 student loan borrower accounts.

The lawsuits allege various wrongful conduct by FedLoan against student borrowers. This includes miscalculation of interest, fees, and illegal conversions of TEACH grants into loans. The claims include breach of contract, fraud, unjust enrichment, RICO, and state deceptive practice violations. All these lawsuits will be consolidated into one master complaint that will be prosecuted together.

Doucet filed two of the lawsuits and had the majority of named plaintiffs in its cases. It’s litigation primarily focused on the TEACH grant litigation on behalf of borrowers.

Today, Judge Jones appointed Lead Co-Counsel and the Executive Committee that will oversee all aspects of the plaintiff’s litigation. We are proud to announce that Troy Doucet was appointed to the Executive Committee to help manage the litigation. This is a tremendous honor for any lawyer, but especially noteworthy due to the vast size of this particular litigation.

Troy Doucet said today, “It is an honor to be able to fight on behalf of student borrowers and teachers to recover money wrongfully taken by FedLoan and Betsy DeVos’s Department of Education.” The firm looks forward to working hard to maximize recovery for those taken advantage of by FedLoan.

The next major step is for the plaintiffs to draft a consolidated complaint addressing all the issues raised in the individual complaints, and to begin discovery. The lawsuit will likely take a couple years to complete.

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