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We have helped over 1,400 with their foreclosure and consumer issues throughout Ohio without the need to file bankruptcy.

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True Foreclosure Defense in Cleveland

We have represented scores of homeowners facing foreclosure in Cleveland, Ohio without the need to file bankruptcy.  One of our recent trials in Medina County, south of Cleveland, resulted in the judge ordering the foreclosure cased dismissed!  In that foreclosure case, the mortgage company refused to update our client's records to her married name.  By refusing to change the loan modification documents to reflect her married name, she could not find a notary to notarize the documents.  Rather than update the loan modification documents to reflect her correct name, which would have saved her home from foreclosure, the mortgage company filed a foreclosure lawsuit instead.  The judge decided at bench trial that it would not be fair for the mortgage company to win a foreclosure case when it was the result of her not being able to sign the loan modification. 


Help Without Bankruptcy

Our lawyers fight foreclosure in court to get our clients the kinds of deals they need to stay in their home, or walk away without a deficiency.  Our work helps our foreclosure clients to avoid bankruptcy.  Learn how here.

Cleveland foreclosure defense attorneys

Top Cleveland Foreclosure Attorneys

The Cleveland foreclosure defense lawyers at Doucet Gerling Co., LPA represent families facing foreclosure. Many of our Cleveland foreclosure defense clients are facing foreclosure in court, or are at risk of foreclosure. We do NOT file bankruptcy. Instead, we work with our clients to find a resolution that avoids foreclosure. Our Cleveland office conveniently helps people like you around the Cuyahoga area, and help people in Cleveland, Ohio.  We are a local firm that is nationally recognized for its work as foreclosure defense attorneys.  We provide free consultations to clients located in and around Cleveland, Ohio by phone or Zoom meeting for social distancing protection.  We are happy to explain your options when facing foreclosure.  We are also experienced with RESPA and the FDCPA in and around Cleveland, Ohio.

Results Driven

Our Cleveland Ohio foreclosure defense lawyers have forced mortgage companies to offer loan modifications, wipe out deficiencies, respond to inquiries, refund fees, pay damages, write off balances, pay our fees, and more.

Successful Track Record

Our Cleveland Ohio foreclosure defense lawyers have helped over a thousand families with outstanding results.  Few law firms are able to achieve what we have for our clients.

Lawyer Handled

Our clients work directly with an licensed attorney on their Cleveland Ohio foreclosure case to ensure it is handled appropriately. 

Our Cleveland, Ohio foreclosure defense lawyers have experience with loan mods, write-offs, write-downs, walk-aways, and more. Damages and fees might also be available. 

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Precedent Setting

Our Cleveland Ohio foreclosure attorneys have set law in Ohio and in the region that helps people.  We have multiple precedent-setting consumer cases.

Aggressive Representation

Our Cleveland foreclosure defense lawyers aggressively pursue claims and defenses on behalf of our clients.  This helps us get great deals for our clients.

Leaders in the Field

Our Cleveland foreclosure defense lawyers have taught over a dozen courses on foreclosure defense and consumer law, including training other lawyers in this area.

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