Case Studies

Our law firm has helped over 1,400 people solve their legal issues.  Here, you’ll find a selection of our work. Take a look at some of the results we’ve delivered.

Creditor Negotiations
Our client overpaid her mortgage for 10 months but the money disappeared.
Free house for loan modification errors
After the bank failed to honor the terms of a prior loan modification, our lawsuit resulted in a free house…
attorneys for small businesses
Our client got out of a bad deal without paying on the guarantee.
Need help saving home from foreclosure Ohio and Florida
The mortgage company told our client to stop paying to get a mod, then filed foreclosure.
waiver of deficiency post foreclosure
Our client avoided a deficiency judgment, stayed in the home 2 years, and got nearly $20,000.
Mod Denial to Approval
Our client's loan modification was wrongfully pulled at last minute before we stepped in and got a deal done.