Real Estate Pricing

Save money by hiring an attorney to handle the transaction, or hire us just for document review.

No need to divert money from the sale to pay for real estate agents when you already know the property you want to buy, or the home you want to sell. Allow one of our licensed Ohio lawyers to help you instead. 


Full Service

We charge a flat fee of $195 up front and $1,795 paid at closing.  No real estate agent commissions necessary!

Closing-Only Review

We charge a flat fee of $495 to review closing and loan documents for buyers.  You must be represented by a real estate agent to qualify for this service.

Only one side pays a fee to us because we can only represent either the buyer or the seller, but not both, in the same transaction (no dual agencies).  We always recommend each side be represented by their own attorney. 

Full-Service Offers:

  • Drafting/completing the offer to purchase and sales contract.
  • Drafting/completing addenda to the contract as desired by you.
  • Providing the relevant legal disclosures under Ohio and federal law (sellers).
  • Communication with you regarding the terms of the sale.
  • Negotiations on your behalf and at your direction regarding the sale.
  • Nearly unlimited legal advice regarding the sale (within reason).


Ohio Only

We can assist with properties located anywhere in Ohio, even if the buyers or sellers are located out of state. However, our law firm is licensed only in Ohio, so we are able to assist with property sales in Ohio only.

Additional Cost

  • Personal attendance by an attorney at closing ($295).
  • Resolution or litigation of a substantive legal dispute between the parties (hourly).
  • Additional contracts (buyer or seller) after first three are an additional $195 each paid at closing.
  • After hours or emergency assistance (hourly).


Not Included

  • Arranging for or performing property inspections, appraisals, or lending.
  • Title work, including parcel id searches and address verification.
  • Pricing research, scheduling viewings, staging homes, or driving a buyer around the city looking for their forever home.

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Let us help you close the sale of your home.

* Savings assumes the commission paid is less than the cost of hiring counsel. The seller must accept any reduction in sales price in lieu of paying a buyer’s agent commission.