Business Litigation

Our civil litigation firm assists small business owners and consumers in court throughout the litigation process.  Whether in state or federal court, we are comfortable representing the needs of our clients in litigation.

Areas of Litigation Practice

Our particular areas of strength are in contract law, property law, financial instruments, and foreclosure defense, which are all civil litigation matters. We also regularly work with multiple state and federal statutory schemes.

Litigation Leverage

Reasonable solutions can usually be obtained when the right incentives are in place and the parties have a healthy perspective of the conflict.

Federal and State Litigators

Our law firm usually has about a dozen lawsuits pending in federal court at any given time. We particularly enjoy the complexity and attention to detail required in federal court, as well as the greater time federal judges have to put into their decisions. While suing in Ohio state courts has its benefits, we always advise our clients when federal court is an option.

In some areas, the federal system is much busier than that state judicial system. However, in Ohio, the opposite is true in most metropolitan areas. For example, Franklin County Common Pleas judges may manage close to 1,000 cases at a time, whereas a federal judge in the Southern District of Ohio may have only a few hundred. Ohio state judges can work very long hours and put enormous effort into their caseload, but the sheer number of cases creates unique challenges on cases in state court.

If you are contemplating filing a lawsuit in federal court, or have a case filed against you in an Ohio federal court, please give us a call today at (614) 221-9800 to discuss how we might be able to help. We also regularly practice before the federal U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit (the federal appeals court covering Ohio), and would be happy to help you craft your litigation strategy.

Strategic Litigators

One of our primary strengths is our ability to litigate complex cases.  We employ strategies that consider the parties, court, lawyers, and issues. For us, litigation is not just about trying a case to a jury, but mastering the pleading, motion, and discovery process that occurs before trial. We believe in understanding the nature of the conflict, but also the procedural tools available for us to employ.

Debtor Loan Defense

Suing banks and financial companies has been the backbone of our practice, so we understand complex contracts, financial instruments, and property law. While our practice is not limited to these disputes, we regularly represent debtors in financial actions involving their creditors or bank.

Contract Disputes

We regularly see problems arising from one sentence or even one word out of a massive document or legal statute. For example, we tried a case (and won) over the meaning of one sentence in a lease agreement, dealing with whether the landlord or the tenant was responsible for certain improvements to the building. Our client, the tenant, successfully argued at trial that the improvements were to be provided by the landlord at no additional cost.

Appellate Practice

Our appellate lawyers have a robust understanding of the state and federal appellate processes.  We regularly practice before Ohio’s appellate courts as well as The United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. Appellate practice is different than trial practice in the evidence used, the standards of review employed, as well as the arguments that have been preserved to raise on appeal. We understand appeals and would be happy to discuss your needs here.

We don’t just try cases, we execute strategies.

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