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Guide to Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure in Ohio

Introduction A financial crisis can cause a lot of trouble for people be it due to job loss or from a divorce. But the threat of foreclosure is also faced by many homeowners with major money problems. But deed in…
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Why Banks Foreclose instead of modifying a mortgage.

Upon obtaining financing from a bank it’s not all smooth sailing ahead if you are not educated about the whole process. You also need to take the necessary precautions and measures to understand why most banks/lenders are quick to foreclose…
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What is an Insured Mortgage?

Introduction When you think of buying a property, you start saving up money for a down payment. Some people have ample money saved up for a down payment. But for those who don’t have enough money, there’s “Insured mortgage” or…
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Insolvency vs Bankruptcy: Definition and Differences

What Is Insolvency? Insolvency is a state of economic distress when an individual or a business can no longer meet their financial obligations and are unable to pay their debts. Before an insolvent individual or business gets involved in insolvency proceedings,…
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Do I need a foreclosure attorney?

Introduction Regardless of the reason that you’re on the verge of a foreclosure as a homeowner; the lender will show no remorse when taking back your property. Not having an attorney can be very devastating in arguing your case and…
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How to Get a Loan Modification

How to Get a Loan Modification to Avoid Foreclosure Without a doubt you should be aware at this point that a loan modification is a very important procedure. It can help you out a lot if you should b approaching…
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