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Five Reasons for Real Estate Investors to Consider Mexico

Real Estate prices in the most popular parts of Mexico have been on the increase of late, and the demand for property to retire, holiday and invest in has also been on the up – this has created something of…
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Five Easy Steps to Owning Your Own Home

Buying your own home is one of the largest purchases you will ever make. What should you do to get ready? The key to a successful home purchase is making your choice through your finances, not your emotions. This takes…
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First-Time Buyers Need Support

Changes in the threshold for stamp duty failed to stop the inroads made by the tax, a new study by a leading mortgage lender reveals. Portman Building Society shows that in the following months after the rise in the exemption…
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First Time Home Buyers Fulfill Dreams with the Right Mortgage

There's no doubt that owning your own home is one of the cornerstones of the American dream. Indeed, low interest rates over the past decade have meant that more Americans than ever before have become first time home buyers. Yet,…
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First Time Buyers Program – Down Payment

Homeownership is one of the pillars of the American economy. To keep it propped up, there are many programs to help first time buyers make down payments. First Time Buyers Program - Down Payment Are you a home buyer looking…
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First Time Buyers – Getting On The Property Ladder

Getting a foothold on the property ladder is not easy – particularly these days with property prices above the amount most people’s salaries can cover. Reports from the property market show that the age of first time buyers has increased…
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