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Living in Costa Rica – An Affordable Slice of Paradise for all Budgets

People are migrating to Costa Rica in record numbers, and if you’re thinking of retiring, buying a second home, or starting a business - living in Costa Rica is much easier than you may think - and the benefits are…
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Living A Life Of Luxury In Miami Beach, Florida

A lot of people have many reasons for moving to Miami Beach, and these include the sunny skies, diverse culture and wide array of employment opportunities. No matter what the reasoning behind their moves, everyone runs into the same logistical…
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Little Ideas That Bring Big Dollar Increases When Selling Your Home

by Dan Pool © 2006 When you're selling, home price is everything. Your goal is to maximize the amount you get for your home as much as possible. Many people believe that - in order to significantly raise their home's…
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Listing Your Property With To High of a Price

The biggest issue many homeowners face when listing their house for sale is the price. You want to get the most you can, but be careful when it comes to pricing it to high. Listing Your Property With To High…
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Listing Your Home For Sale – Do It Online

Do you know how many homebuyers use the Internet to find a home? You should if you want to sell your home in a reasonable amount of time. The answer is 71 percent. Viva La Internet Revolution! There has been…
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Life is a Stage – So is Your Home!

What is a home staging? Home staging prepares a home for sale, and for the dozens of enquiring eyes that will be scouring the property looking for flaws. It creates an image of the perfectly decorated home, in move-in condition.…
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