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Do I need a foreclosure attorney?

Regardless of the reason that you’re on the verge of a foreclosure as a homeowner; the lender will show no remorse when taking back your property. Not having an attorney can be very devastating in arguing your case and will…
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How to Get a Loan Modification

How to Get a Loan Modification to Avoid Foreclosure Without a doubt you should be aware at this point that a loan modification is a very important procedure. It can help you out a lot if you should b approaching…
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Foreclosure Scams to Avoid

In today’s era there are so many different schemes of trickery and scams taking place. It is also evident since lately that thousands of homeowners have fallen victim to these scams. Some of us are still sleeping and have not…
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How to Avoid Foreclosure

Before we start our families, our number one goal is to prepare a beautiful and well-designed place for each member called a home. However if our finances are not right at the moment, this can pose a problem. A mortgage…
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Options for HOA Foreclosures

Home Owners Associations sometimes file foreclosure lawsuits over past due amounts. This video discusses these kinds of lawsuits and ways to avoid losing your home to a HOA foreclosure.
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Covid-19 legal help for small businesses

Foreclosure Notice But Still Impacted by Covid – Jan 2021

If your financials are suffering due to Covid-19, federal law allows you to take up to a 12 month deferral of payments, so long as your loan is owned by a GSA such as Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, as…
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