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Protect your home or business and avoid bankruptcy.

avoid bankruptcy

What we Do

We fight in court for our clients to help them avoid bankruptcy. We get deals that others can’t because we are tough, smart, and thorough. The banks know it won’t be easy taking our clients homes. We keep the pressure up to maximize results.

Our clients want their problems solved without filing bankruptcy. They might be concerned about their credit, reputation, or want to avoid giving up property. Sometimes they can’t qualify for bankruptcy. In any of these situations, we work hard to find solutions for our clients so they can avoid bankruptcy, usually by bringing the fight to the bank.

How We Help Our Clients

A good offense is key to getting the best kinds of results. We actively litigate the cases we accept to help our clients avoid bankruptcy. That means discovery, motion practice and depositions, as approved by our clients and as appropriate. We bring new RESPA or FDCPA cases too, which can significantly add to the pressure the banks feel (and they pay our fees for those cases or we waive that bill). We know that the harder we work, the better the deal for you.  We help our clients avoid bankruptcy by fighting the bank or mortgage company until we get a deal done that you are happy with.  You don't have to jump at the first offer they make, but that is up to you.  We help the overwhelming number of our clients resolve their debts, saving their homes from foreclosure or negotiating business debt down or away.

Bankruptcy is the best option for some people, but it’s an option our clients want to avoid. If you feel the same way, then call us today to see whether we can help you. We solve legal problems for people without bankruptcy.  Learn more about foreclosure defense here.

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