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Lawyers who understand life is full of challenges.

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Sometimes a helping hand (and a good lawyer) are all you need to get back on track.

We Don't Give Up

Our firm hires smart lawyers who aggressively pursue claims on behalf of our clients. Our firm's success is rooted in consistently working hard for each client to get the best deals we can.  This helps each of our clients with their individual case, but also as a whole.  When the other side knows we will not give up, they take each and every one of our cases seriously.

Objective Focused

Many of our clients want to avoid foreclosure, while others need time to get back on track. Others want to walk away but want to avoid a deficiency judgment or bankruptcy. We help people on all fronts, working towards a resolution they want while avoiding a judgment, foreclosure, or sheriff’s sale. Our job is to help you meet your objectives, while decreasing the stress and anxiety by doing our job well.


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Our Goal is to be the Best Foreclosure Defense,

Loan, and Business Litigation Lawyers in Ohio.

Our History

Troy Doucet started Doucet Co LPA in Columbus focusing on foreclosure defense, and has grown it into the force it is today with the help of his amazing staff.  With a team of smart and caring Ohio lawyers, our law firm is known for fighting hard and getting results that few others can match.  

Troy worked in the mortgage industry before becoming a lawyer.  He has published three legal books, including "23 Legal Defenses to Foreclosure: How to Beat the Bank."   He also experienced foreclosure first hand when his business collapsed in 2005.  That experience prompted him to go to law school and dedicate his legal career to helping people.  You can read his story here.

Troy recently (2019) taught a course on foreclosure defense for judges and their staff.   Troy regularly speaks on consumer law and consults nationally with other lawyers. 

Because of our experience with banks, lenders, and creditors, we know what gets results.  The key is hard work, hiring very smart lawyers, and thinking several moves ahead of the other side.  The banks hire very expensive lawyers to fight to take your home.  That is why we fight back.  We have learned that developing a reputation for hard work and going the extra mile makes a difference.  We are confident that we regularly get deals that other lawyers cannot obtain.  This is because the other side knows we will go to the Supreme Court if necessary for each and every one of our clients.  That kind of reputation helps our clients.  Call us today at (614) 768-6153 to see how we can help you.  


Some remarkable events our law firm went through.


November, 2010

Firm started by Troy Doucet in Columbus, Ohio.

November, 2013

The firm secures its first major win at the federal appellate level in Marais v. Chase, establishing a homeowner can sue her mortgage servicer for communication failures.

September, 2014

The firm's second major win at the federal appellate level, Slorp v. LSR, holds mortgage companies can be sued for robo-signing using RICO.


July, 2017

The firm scores another major win at the federal appeals court in Majestic v. Huntington, applying the UCC to bank depository contracts.

November, 2020

The firm celebrates its 10 year anniversary!

December, 2020

The firm opens its first office in Florida available at www.doucet.law to help people facing foreclosure!