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Ohio Foreclosure Defense & Business Attorneys

Doucet Gerling Co., LPA has helped over 1,400 people and businesses throughout Ohio in legal disputes without bankruptcy.  Our lawyers help people facing lawsuits with mortgage companies, banks, debt collectors, and other businesses.   Our Ohio foreclosure defense law firm is BBB Accredited and maintains an A+ Rating.  Attorneys Doucet and Gerling are rated AV Preeminent by Martindale Hubbell and have been rated by SuperLawyers for years.  

Problems with a mortgage loan, mortgage servicer, or loan in foreclosure or at risk of foreclosure.

Disputes or issues with lenders, lessors, creditors, or other businesses, including litigation.

We offer flat rate document review services for real estate closings and business transactions.

Avoid Bankruptcy & Stop Foreclosure

Our Ohio mortgage loan and foreclosure defense attorneys are known for their work helping families facing foreclosure.  We represent clients prior to the foreclosure complaint being filed in court, after foreclosure has started, and directly with the lender to get a deal done, all without the need to file bankruptcy.  We fight in court for our clients. We get deals that others can’t because we are tough, smart, and thorough. The banks know it won’t be easy taking our clients homes. We keep the pressure up to maximize results. Learn how we help our clients avoid bankruptcy.

We regularly get our clients loan modifications when they have been previously denied.  Many of our clients have tried for weeks or months to get a loan modification on their own, but gotten nowhere.  Your mortgage company should be able to evaluate you for multiple options:

  ▪  Loan Modification with Lower Payments

  ▪  Loan Modification with No Cash Out of Pocket

  ▪  $4,000 to $10,000 to You if You Want to Move

  ▪  Reinstatement with Waived Fees or Costs

  ▪  Release from all Future Liability on the Loan

  ▪  Short Sale or Short Payoff

  ▪  Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

Decrease your stress and get professional legal representation for your Ohio foreclosure with the experienced attorneys at Doucet Gerling Co., LPA.  Our foreclosure defense lawyers have helped over 1,400 clients, businesses, and people facing foreclosure without bankruptcy.  Our top rated lawyers help people with the goal of saving their homes and find peace of mind, to:

  ▪  Stop Foreclosure

  ▪  Keep your home

  ▪  Get a loan modification

  ▪  Avoid a court judgment 

  ▪  Avoid bankruptcy 

Protect Your Business

We help solve problems with creditors, banks, lenders, landlords, and other creditors for our business clients.

Save Money

How you can keep your legal costs down with an attorney.

Get the Benefits

There are benefits to getting legal help now for your business.

Covid-19 Relief

Raise defenses available due to the pandemic.

Get Legal Advice

We can help develop a draft forward for your business.

Top Rated Real Estate Attorneys

Our real estate attorneys help with disputes.  We also work on a flat-fee to review loan closing documents.

Our Foreclosure Defense Guarantee 

If our representation does not relieve you of stress, or if we are not providing you the professional help you deserve, or if we are not working hard to save your home, then you can fire us at any time without paying us a penny more out of your pocket.

(If our fees are recoverable from the other side, we would expect to continue to seek to recover from the other side; our withdrawal may require court approval.)  Call us today for help with your foreclosure at (888) 200-9824.

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