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Doucet Gerling has helped over 1,400 people, homeowners, and businesses throughout Ohio with challenging legal issues.  Our lawyers assist people with real estate and business problems including with mortgage companies, lenders, banks, debt collectors, and other businesses.   We are especially known for our work litigating cases and defending foreclosure cases.  Our law firm is BBB Accredited and maintains an A+ Rating.  Attorneys Troy Doucet and Andy Gerling are rated AV Preeminent by Martindale Hubbell and have been rated by SuperLawyers for years.  

Problems with a real estate transaction, or the need to bring a lawsuit to remedy a defect.

Issues with a loan, lender, or mortgage servicer, or facing foreclosure for any reason.

Disputes or issues with other businesses, creditors, banks, lenders, landlords, and others.

Protect your interests by having us review your contract or lender closing documents for errors.

We Are Ohio Attorneys Focused on Real Estate, Mortgage, and Business Litigation

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If you are a homeowner who has been lied to by a seller or contractor, give us a call.  Our law firm regularly help homebuyers and homeowners with undisclosed defects they discovered after closing, as well as homeowners who hired a contractor that did not finish the job.  We are real estate lawyers focused on fixing problems through litigation. Call us if you want to:


  ▪  Fix the Problem.

  ▪  Bring a Lawsuit.

  ▪  Hold the Other Side or Lender Accountable.

  ▪  Get Your Money Back.

  ▪  Get Justice through the Law.

  ▪  Know Your Legal Rights.

You have enough to worry about as a business owner, and thinking about legal issues is a distraction to your core business.  Our Ohio business lawyers help relieve you of the stresses dealing with the law.  Whether that is with legal contract drafting or even with litigation, we regularly handle most of the work to minimize the daily distraction to you.  Call us if you want to:


  ▪  Ensure Your Documents are Legal.

  ▪  Protect Your Personal Assets from Business Litigation.

  ▪  File a Business Lawsuit.

  ▪  Defend a Business Lawsuit to Avoid a Court Judgment.

  ▪  Renegotiate Terms on a Debt or Lease.

Whether you are a homeowner who received a notice of default, is facing mortgage foreclosure proceeding, a summons, judicial foreclosure, or a judgment or foreclosure sale is in place, we should be able to raise a defense without bankruptcy.  Our attorneys defend foreclosure in court and regularly get our clients deals using the law, even if they have been previously denied by their lender.  There is a big difference in how banks and lenders treat people in foreclosure proceedings depending on whether they have mortgage defense counsel who can fight a judicial foreclosure.   Here is a helpful foreclosure action timeline we put together for homeowners.  A list of mortgage foreclosure defenses is here.  Call us today if you want to:


  ▪  Remain in Your Home and Start Repaying Your Mortgage Again.

  ▪  Prevent an Eviction and Having to Move or Change School Districts.

  ▪  Relieve Your Family of the Stress of Foreclosure.

  ▪  Get a Loan Modification with Good Terms with Your Lender.

  ▪  Avoid a Bank's Default Judgment.

  ▪ Protect Your Biggest Asset from the Foreclosure Action.

  ▪ Or, Walk from the Property without Owing a Deficiency to Your Lender.

Decrease your stress and get professional legal representation for your legal issue with the experienced attorneys at Doucet Gerling Co., LPA.  Our real estate and business lawyers have helped over 1,400 clients, businesses, and people with complex legal issues.  Our top rated lawyers can review contracts for just about any real estate or business matter, to:


  ▪  Review Your Loan Closing Documents.

  ▪  Advise You on Leases.

  ▪  Draft Operating Agreements for Businesses.

  ▪  Ensure Business Contracts Comply with the Law.

  ▪  Avoid Confusion in Business Transactions. 

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